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NYC Subway Typeface

Long before Helvetica became the defacto typeface of the New York City subway system, there was a mixture of elaborate tile mosaics, enamel, and hand painted signage. Squire J. Vickers was the lead architect from 1908 to 1942 and was responsible for designing the stations of the city owned IND system, which, along with the privately owned IRT and BMT, eventually merged to become today’s New York City Subway.

It was under Vickers that stations adopted the now ubiquitous and modular black tile lettering. Each black tile contains a single white letter and are combined to create station names and directional exit signs.

This NYC Subway Typeface is a homage to these tiles and the design era of Vickers and the IND stations. It comes in two versions: Monospaced and Medium. 

You can buy the two fonts separately or together with either a personal or commercial license.